Economic Impact

Florida’s Nursery & Landscape Industry holds consistent through economic strife


>> Economic Contributions of the Florida Environmental Horticulture Industry in 2010

A study by Alan W. Hodges, PhD, Extension Scientist; Thomas J Stevens, PhD, Post-Doctoral Associate; Mohammad Rahmani, PhD, Coordinator of Economic Analysis; Hayk Khachatryan, PhD, Assistant Professor

Economic Impact Study

Economic Impact Study

Florida’s nursery and landscape industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, including nursery and greenhouse growers; lawn and garden suppliers; equipment manufacturers; landscape design, installation and maintenance services; lawn and garden stores; and, other retail establishments selling plants and related lawn and garden goods. Florida is a leading state, ranked second only to California in the US in terms of overall industry value. Nursery crops are one of the largest agricultural segments in Florida, along with fruits, vegetables and forest products. This study utilizes 2010 data and is the third study in the series since 2000.

In 2010, total direct sales by Florida nursery, landscape service firms and horticulture retailers were $15.35 billion and total direct employment was 204,700 jobs!

Segment Sales Jobs
Nursery/Greenhouse Growers $4.27 Billion 63,800 Jobs
Landscape Firms $6.04 Billion 111,000 Jobs
Garden Center Retailers $4.49 Billion 26,900 Jobs
Horticultural Suppliers $.558 Billion 3,000 Jobs
Total $15.35 Billion 204,700 Jobs

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