Outstanding Volunteer


Previously the Outstanding Division Member award, this award is presented to an individual who has contributed faithfully to the advancement of the industry through Association activities or related service.

2017 Recipient


Phil Rucks
Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery
Frostproof, FL

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2016 Recipient

Julie Forrest
Stallings Crop Insurance Corp.
Lakeland, FL

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2015 Recipient

Deb Joneck
Florida Coast Equipment, Inc. Boynton Beach, FL

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2014 Recipient

Mike Tevelonis
Botanics Wholesale
Homestead, FL

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2013 Recipient

Mary Schneider
FNGLA Dade County Chapter Office
Homestead, FL

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2012 Recipient

Ed Bravo
Big Trees Plantation

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2011 Recipient

Cindy Hall
Cobble Systems

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2010 Recipient


Billy Butterfield, FCHP, FCLC

Ameriscapes Landscape Management, Orlando, FL

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2009 Outstanding Volunteer
Gary Bird, BWI Companies Inc.

2008 Outstanding Division Member
Allied - Regina Thomas
Citrus - John Gose
Floriculture - Terry Howe
Foliage - Gina Mazzie
Garden Center - Erik Friedli
Landscape - Mike McMurry, FCLC
Woody Ornamental - Jamie Hayes, FCLC

Allied - Carolan Mahr
Floriculture - Alan Shapiro, FCHP
Foliage - Randy Strode
Garden Center - Paul Brock, FCHP
Landscape - Wayne Tharpe, FCLC
Woody Ornamental - Rosemary Warner

Allied - Tra Huddleston
Floriculture - Dave Self
Foliage - Kerry Herndon
Garden Center - Theresa Riley
Landscape - Harold Jenkins, FCLC
Woody Ornamental - Chris Reese, FCHP

Allied - Peter Goodwin
Floriculture - Terri Cantwell
Foliage - Nancy McDonald
Garden Center - Jason Platzer
Landscape - Joe Baglia
Woody Ornamental - Sylvia Gordon

Allied - Joseph "Skip" Levin
Floriculture - Jim Knox
Foliage - Rachel Tippit
Garden Center - Steve Seaton
Landscape - Joy Dorst
Woody Ornamental - P.J. Klinger

Allied - Ron O'Connor
Floriculture - Liz Stevens
Foliage - Chet Peckett
Garden Center - Donna Caple
Landscape - Billy Butterfield
Woody Ornamental - Dr. Derek Burch

Allied - Wendell Hollenbeck
Floriculture - Robert D. Mitchell
Foliage - Gail Rinck
Garden Center - Richard Carroll
Landscape - Gail Allbritton
Woody Ornamental - Mike Marshall

Allied - Wes Parrish
Floriculture - Paul Cummiskey
Foliage - Linda Truppman
Garden Center - Kevin Riley
Landscape - Greg Charles
Woody Ornamental - Steve Brown