Career Resources

FNGLA's Career Center

FNGLA offers an industry job board where members can post job openings for free. Postings will run for 30 days and include:

  • An email blast to all FNGLA members
  • Postings to FNGLA's Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages.

FNGLA members may use the promo code: IAMFNGLA (case sensitive) to post for free. Nonmembers can also post their industry job openings for a $99 charge.

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TeachHort.com, An Instructor Interface

TeachHort.com provides high school horticulture teachers with the tools to prepare their students for FNGLA's Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) exam.

The Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act was enacted into law in 2007. It requires public high schools to offer "rigorous and relevant" curriculum that leads to industry recognized certifications. Workforce Florida, Inc. and the Florida Department of Education have recognized the FCHP program as the horticulture certification that will comply with CAPE for Environmental Horticulture Science & Services.

TheLandlovers.org, An Interface for Students to the Green Industry

TheLandlovers.org is an online interface for students who may be interested in a green industry career. You'll find information for students, parents and counselors on industry specifics, career possibilities, and access to people who can help link you to industry professionals.