Consumer Education

Resources to learn how use the right plant for the right place

Add A Touch of Green Promotions

FNGLA has partnered with Fresh from Florida to promote the benefits of plants in your home. Commerical spots air state-wide:


Online Consumer Education

FNGLA's consumer web site, www.floridagardening.org, is also a great resource for consumers. Event listings, tips and more make this web site the offiical "go-to" place for all things consumer gardening.

Partnering with the University of Florida - IFAS, FNGLA supports www.solutionsforyourlife.org as an ideal online venue for educating Florida's consumers about Florida's unique gardening challenges. Through the site, the University of Florida offers research-based assistance, information and advice to Florida's gardeners and can even link users to the wealth of local extension services that are available for their area of the state.

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