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Member FirmContactPhone
Bates Sons & Daughters Terri Bates  863-465-3274 
Big Sky Growers, Inc. Steve Kirouac  863-471-9797 
Brad Hartt Construction Brad Hartt  863-381-0748 
Buckhorn Nursery Ronald Lambert Jr. 863-773-6662 
Classic Caladiums Robert Hartman  888-912-0020 
Countryside Growers, Inc. James Timmons  863-735-2461 
Darryl's Family Citrus Nursery, Inc. Darryl Wirick  863-441-5092 
EcoTech Environmental David Bek  863-767-0991 
Friendship Foliage Bruce Klein  800-520-1776 
Gose Growers, Inc. Matthew M. Gose  863-381-2465 
Griffin Trees, Inc. Sheri Griffin  863-465-7702 
Happiness Farms, Inc. P.G. Phypers Jr. 863-465-2313 
Heart of Florida Greenhouses, Inc. Austin Bryant  800-226-4079 
Hidden Acres Nursery, Inc. Wesley Fisher  800-741-4565 
HTFL, Inc. Vaughn Hathaway  863-441-1099 
Lykes Citrus Division Suzanne Tate  863-465-4127 
Lykes Citrus Division John Gose  863-465-4127 
Lykes Citrus Division Hal Duncan  863-465-4127 
Peace River Growers Donnis Barber  800-533-1363 
Petteway Growers Roy Petteway  863-781-0099 
Robbins Nursery, Inc. Robert Heffner  863-385-1111 
Somers Irrigation, Inc. James E. Somers  863-385-0600 
Southridge Citrus Nursery, Inc. Douglas Karlson  863-465-5803 
T & C Tree Farm, Inc. Justin Hall  863-635-7151 
Tradewinds Power Corp. Mike Waldron  800-206-2224 
W.A. Williams Citrus Nursery Jeff Williams  863-443-1131 
Ward's Nursery, Inc. Jerry Robinson  863-453-6631 
Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc. Robert Lower  863-735-0904 
Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc. Eric Cord  863-735-0904