Rigors of FNGLA Certifications

What do you get when you hire an FNGLA-certified professional?

Rigors of CertificationAs an organization committed to professionalism, FNGLA has established standardized and stringent testing to better protect consumers and property owners from negligence of under or untrained contractors in the Green Industry. FNGLA's professional certifications are designed for nursery professionals, horticulturists, landscape contractors, landscape designers and landscape maintenance contractors. The certifications are obtained through standardized tests which include hands-on field exams and written test questions. When one earns an FNGLA certification, they prove they "Know What Grows"!

1. Choose the Appropriate FNGLA Certifications

FNGLA administers five distinct certification programs for Florida's nursery and landscape industry, offering professionals the opportunity to earn industry designations which distinguish them from others. With the first certification program taking root in 1984, FNGLA's certifications are true marks of distinction for the horticulture and landscape professional.

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FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP)

*Core knowledge of Florida's nursery and landscape industry practices
*Employees in nurseries, greenhouses, retail garden centers, landscape
 firms, allied suppliers, parks departments and resorts
*Written exam in plant biology, soils, plant growth, plant and pest identification, fertilization, irrigation, and selection, installation and maintenance of interiors, landscapes and turf.
*Pre-requisite for advanced FNGLA certifications.

FNGLA Certified Landscape Technician (FCLT-Installation)

*Skills necessary for landscape installation technicians
*Employees in landscape installation firms, parks departments and resorts
*Hands-on field exam in plant identification, tree and palm installation, irrigation, water movement
 and equipment safety, plan layout and surveying.
*Pre-requisite for FNGLA Certified Landscape Contractor

FNGLA Certification Landscape Maintenance Technician (FCLMT)

*Skills and knowledge necessary for landscape maintenance technicians
*Employees in landscape maintenance firms, parks departments and resorts
*Combination field and written exam in plant identification, pruning, fertilization, irrigation, pest
 management, turf equipment safety and site evaluation

FNGLA Certified Landscape Contractor (FCLC)

*Advanced certification for professional landscape contractors
*Owners, managers, supervisors, other principals
*Written exam in business practices, plant identification, construction documents, landscape law
 and estimating
*FCHP and FCLT required, and three years' industry experience

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer (FCLD)

*Advanced certification for professional landscape designers
*Owners, managers, supervisors, other principals
*Written exam in sustainable design, plant identification and selection, landscape graphics,
  landscape law, construction documents
*FCHP required, Landscape Plan Submittal and two years' industry experience

2. Online Search for FNGLA Certified Professionals

Find an FNGLA-certified professional "Who Knows What Grows!" Click here for a live search of all FNGLA-certified professionals.

3. Landscape Companies Which Require Employee Certification

FNGLA certification has become the mark of distinction for industry professionals, and a way for nursery and landscape companies to assure they are providing their customers with the best quality employees and industry knowledge.

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